Going Beyond The Traditional Content Marketing

14 Jan

It has been known for a few years that the face of article marketing has changed, dramatically, and you have to do things differently, now. The most important thing you can ever do is to work on producing more visitors to your business site. Most people tend to follow the same basic methods, and people are creatures of habit and will also have a preference for avoiding striking out on their own. However, as an online marketer, you must be willing to experiment and test new directions. Plus there really is no need to worry about failing because that is the risk we in business assume. We want you to seriously look at all the things that you can do with your content. Along with your own site, there are others that may be open to your content being on their site as well. There are still sites that are built using the content of others, and these are magazine style sites. Some of them will only want unique content, but that is not true with all of them. You have to forgo the immediate gains and view this just like submitting to an article directory. You need to have an impact on your market, and that is how you gain exposure. You have your business in your niche, and the first thing you need to do is list all the related niches you can think of, and after having done that, then you begin generating content in those niches related to yours. If you are thinking about cheating and deviating from the related niches, then you will be wasting your time. There – you have instantly found new outlets and markets you can legitimately talk about. Anyone who has ever written and published anything on the net has had their content stolen. The article directories are especially vulnerable to this practice, as people use the content and leave off the resource boxes. You may be able to turn this annoying situation into a benefit. Anytime you find an instance of someone using your content without including a link, send them an email. Give them the benefit of the doubt, and maintain a cordial tone. Tell them that if they’re willing to include a link back to your site that not only can they keep the article they’ve already taken, but that you’d be glad to supply them with more. Otherwise, if they ignore your request you will submit a DMCA take-down notice. You cannot afford to have really off days with creating traffic to your site, so you have to do more. The requirement for excellent content will never go away, and indeed the engine that drives all of this is high quality articles. Of course you have to be patient with all of these processes because that is the way it is. But diligent effort will add-up to good results if you dedicate yourself to the process.

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