How To Make Money With Ebooks

04 Oct

How to make money with ebooks is what plenty of people need to learn these days & all the answers are on the net, but there is a lot information that it can take years to wade through it, pick what is relevant, & put it to proper use. The largest hindrance is overcoming the desire to chase every strategy that research uncovers, & this can generate a perpetual “chasing the tail” situation that can leave entrepreneurs frustrated & without a residual income stream. Make a plan, stick to it, & the funds will flow.

It requires a minimal amount of time, funds, & schooling to learn how to make funds with ebooks. You can write your own ebooks or sell the work of others as an affiliate. There is usually more funds writing an ebook & having associates sell it for you than being of the associates selling another’s articles for sale, but both methods can generate giant passive income that you can collect for years, even after retirement.

Finding a subject & writing a 20+ page ebook (maximum 120 pages if converting ebook to physical book to sell by print on demand).
Generate a mini-website with a sales page. A sales page is fundamentally a long letter that is used to persuade potential buyers to perform the desired call to action, usually purchase the product.
Sign up as a seller on ClickBank or other affiliate web-site. This is a one-time cost $50 USD per product.
Generate promotion materials for associates, such as text & or graphic ads, banners, articles, web-site content, press releases, etc.
If the plan calls for converting the ebook to a physical book with print on demand & selling through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, & bookstores you will need a professional book cover & ISBN. There’s several companies that offer turn-key print on demand solutions with book covers, ISBN, editing, & promotion options to make it simple to sell your physical book around the globe. Getting a book published twenty years ago was thought about a giant undertaking, but today it is surprisingly simple with the right information

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